Provisions and Conditions in National Auctions Internet Site
( Al  Wataneya  Auctions )

The rules , provisions and texts included in this agreement , governs and controls the relationship between all parties under this agreement , to note that any ambiguity in one rule or text or any misunderstanding , shall be construed or interpreted only through other agreements , which were signed by Al  Wataneya  Auctions, and any agreement that not signed by the officially authorized authority , whether this authorization was verbally or in writing , then Al  Wataneya  Auctions  shall not bear any responsibilities or Legal Obligations . also not allowed to resort or refer to any regulations or other texts not mentioned by Al  Wataneya  Auctions which are described on explained below :
Provisions and responsibilities :

The integral part of the provision and rules governing and organizing the relationship between Al Wataneya Auctions and its clients.

1. The website of Al Wataneya Auctions is one of the centers that are affiliated to a federal governmental institution.

2. All participate and members must read the rules, regulations, texts and provisions that govern and controls our relation with our clients, considering the Customers registration process as acceptance and approval by them to accept all the rules, texts and provisions which govern and legalize the relation nature between us and our clients.

3. All participants in auction through our internet site shall register his/her data, and he shall select his/her user name and password to enable him to use the internet site service.

4. All participate in auction shall well inspect and investigate the vehicles and commodities to be purchased and they shall confirm the presented that specifications are in accordance with original specification before entering into auction, where the vehicles are sold as is as, and the auctioneer shall bear any responsibility on the Al Wataneya Auctions.

5. Vehicle is sold on current situation

6. All participants in the auction shall deposit insurance amount according to the conditions of insurance stated in the (item No. 23 of this agreement). and payment shall be made through credit card or by bank transfer or with deposited cheque to Al Wataneya Auctions.

7. Each participant in the auction shall undertake to complete the payment process, in case he purchased any vehicle or commodity during the period stated in item No. 8 below, and in case of violation to that the deposit amount shall be confiscated, and legal actions will be proceeded for refusing to pay.

8. The participant in auction who wins one of the vehicles or all vehicles offered for sale, to pay the amount of the vehicle or vehicles through Depositing the amount due to Emirates Public Transport and Services Company, to be informed that the payment process shall be completed within 48 hours from date of announcement of auction results, otherwise AED. 100 (Dirhams One Hundred) penalty will be imposed for each day delayed after informing the buyer of the vehicle, which won by him.

9. In case any participant breach or violates the conditions and provisions for using the internet site, the deposit amount shall be confiscated and all legal actions shall be proceeded against him.

10. The auctions or all participants in the auction shall have the right to own unlimited number of vehicles that offered in the auction considering the law provisions related to that.

11. Each member shall undertake not to use the internet site in the following cases:

12. Any member shall undertake not to give his/her user name to Al Wataneya Auctions for any other person without the prior permission, and in case other persons used the participant account, he shall borne the responsibility for that.

13. Each member shall undertake to do the following:

14. Al Wataneya Auctions have the right to limit determine, stop or terminate any of the services provided by the internet site. Al Wataneya Auctions may have the right to prevent users to enter the site or to delete any subjects published in the site, to take any electronic or legal procedures to prevent the users from interning the site without prior permission, and that in case Al Wataneya Auctions administration decided that it is necessary to take any of the procedures or actions mentioned above for any reasons, noticing that Al Wataneya Auctions have the right to cancel the non – activated accounts or the accounts which are not active when necessary.

15. Al Wataneya Auctions shall have the right to temporary change the services charges which are provided by the site, for promotions reasons or when offering new services.

16. The National Auctions guarantees that the vehicles offered for sale in its auctions conform to the specifications contained in the inspection report, with a maximum of 3 days from the date of payment, knowing that it does not guarantee any other aspects of the vehicles offered, whether related to the validity of their use or their commercial value, or their travel to other countries.

17. The Security Deposit (cash in the bank) is refundable within 10-14 working days from the date of the customer's request to refund it (according to Item No. 25).

18. The Security Deposit using a credit card its refundable automatically after 21 days as per the bank policy (holding the amount 21 days) for more confirmation kindly check with your bank to be sure no any deduction for emirates transport.

19. Bidding is extended time in the last two minutes of closing time to give a chance to the bidders to submit bids.

20. Categories of Bid:
There we have six basic chipset are 100-200-500-1000-3000-5000

21. When you bid on a vehicle / vehicles can follow them from the bidding page My Bids,, and when the auction ends completely you can see the vehicles that docked to you through the pages of my purchases.. After approval of the sale process is sending text messages and email in the purchase page.

22. Refund policy:
The Participant in auction who wins one of the vehicles shall pay the amounts decided upon him after the auction, to note that he will not be able to refund or recover any amounts, in case of failure to pay the remaining amounts, where it is not permissible to retrieve or recover or refund the money against returning the sold vehicles In case any member have complaints or remarks or suggestions about the provided services or the offered commodities for sale, he shall kindly contact us in the address of the following e mail: [email protected] or to contact thee telephone numbers 0097168006006 and we will respond to you as fast as possible, and we will try the solve your problem during 2 two days, noting that we are dealing with all complaints with honest and experience.

23. Customer privacy policy: All member information in Al Wataneya Auctions are subject to privacy, where information of users of site in gathered through names of the participants only, and arbitrary statistics about internet site are gathered to protect the privacy of users information's.

24. Protection of property: only owners of internet site shall have the right of using all names, trademarks. and names and marks of services, collectible names, logos and images.n

25. Auctions procedures: procedure of participating in the mail auction or electronic auction.

26. The Auto bid Feature:
Steps to activate the Automatic Bid:

The Terms and Conditions for Buyers :
27. The Preview :
The buyer shall confirm and acknowledges that he have completely inspected and viewed the sold vehicle with full information and with no ignorance and he have inspected the sold vehicle with due diligence legitimately and legally , where all the vehicles are sold after inspection as is as without any gurantee , and the buyer is not permitted to cancel the sale and return to the Al  Wataneya  Auctions in case of arise of any clear or canceled defect as the role of Al  Wataneya  Auctions is merely as a broker in the sale process and do not have any previous information about the sold vehicle , also the buyer have specified period before auction the inspection of vehicle on commodity ,

28.The Security Deposit:
Each participant shall deposit Security Deposit in accordance with item No. 25 of this agreement, and he can pay amount of deposit either by credit card or deposit the cheque or bank transfer to at Al Wataneya Auctions, If Security Deposit is paid by a bank transfer, a copy of the payment receipt should be sent to the following e-mail: [email protected]. And this deposit amount will be refunded in case no. purchase is entered, but in case the participant win the auction and he quit before completion of purchase process, the deposit amount shall be confiscated and the Al Wataneya Auctions reserve the right to take any legal actions.

29.The Deposit amount:

30. The payment: The value of a vehicle must be paid within 48 hours from the time of close of auction, and payment shall be in cash or by approved bank cheque. and in case of late payment, the bidder must pay AED 100 for each day of delay, which must not exceed seven days. If this period lapses, the sale of the vehicle will be void and Al Wataneya Auctions shall have the right to confiscate the deposit amount.

31. The Value: The awarded value of the vehicle shall not include any other expenses (ownership transfer fee, licensing, transporting the vehicle &other expenses& the buyer shall bear such expenses)

32. Removal of vehicles: the buyer in auctions shall bear the responsibility of removal or Transport his/her vehicles from the Al Wataneya Auctions premises or location within 72 hours from time of sale after payment of total deserved amount.n

33. Al Wataneya Auctions reserve and keep the right to claim from the buyer to increase the deposit amount in case of purchase of more than one vehicles or in case the vehicle sale amount exceeds AED. 100,000 (Dirhams One Hundred Thousand Only) as stated in item No. 25 of this agreement.

34. The buyer shall be committed to produce with The transfer of ownership of the vehicle procedure in his/her name after receiving all the documents and papers which enables him to transfer of ownership of the vehicle in the competent authorities during 7 seven days.

35. All vehicles are subject to VAT According to the tax law of the Country.

36. The Participant acknowledges that the national role of auctions is limited to the display and brokerage of vehicles and without any responsibility for any dispute arising in connection with the vehicle - the vehicles purchased through the auction.

37. 5% VAT Will Be Applied To The Final Auction Price

38. The seller who is not registered for the tax must be committed to transfer the possession to the buyer within two days, and in case of delay in transferring the possession he will bear the prescribed fine, which is the amount of the commission of the sale.

39. Litigation is carried out between the vehicle owner and the buyer in the event of any dispute or commercial fraud, such as (changing the meter - problem chassis -) and that the Alwataneya Auctions are merely a mediator.

40 . Vehicles are transported from the auction yard through Al Wataneya Auctions only. Vehicles are not allowed to be transferred from any recovery or external company. The buyer bears the prescribed fees according to the agreement based on the location he wants to transport to.

41. administrative fees of 300 dirhams shall be added to the total final auction price for each vehicle.

42 . The buyer undertakes to remove the identity and logos of the institution and not to use the vehicle or offer it for sale until it is completely removed.The buyer bears the responsibility for this without the slightest responsibility on Al Wataneya Auctions.

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